Sales policy

As HAYBER TEKSTİL Family, in our sales policy, our relations with our customers are based on plain and honesty. Unconditional customer satisfaction has been adopted as a principle in our customer relations management approach.

 With its wide sales and service network, HAYBER TEKSTİL continues its way with its brand, which has the most effective sales and after-sales service and the highest quality product range in the sector in line with its sales policy and strategic goals.

 It is among the main duties of the marketing and sales group to increase the recognition and awareness of our products, to support the brand value, to ensure that our customers know the product they are buying and use them consciously. Fulfilling these tasks in the best way positively affects our new customer potential, who will come with good references for our future projects.

HAYBER TEKSTİL supports the sales of each product, each supplier and each end user with the introduction and training of manufacturing standards.

After-sales follow-up is also included in the job descriptions of the group.

Each product is tested and subjected to experiments by the authorized institutions after it comes out of production. Special EX codes are printed on the products that have passed the test and delivered to the customer.

Our database is created with our customer portfolio that purchases all our branded products. Brand awareness, expectations and meeting expectations are updated by establishing a continuous relationship with the database.

With our sales and marketing activities that have been carried out consistently since 1990, besides following the relations with the press and media, our advertising and promotion strategies supporting the sales of our products are determined in line with the company principles.