About Us

HAYBER TEXTILE------------

Since 1982, it has been serving in the men's textile and ready-to-wear sector, first in the country and then abroad.

Our Company serves you, our valued customers , according to time and developing technology with the vision and line of the age and its creative staff.

We reach our customers with our original line and visionary perspective without compromising quality with our Filbucci, Flp, Bosmenti and Mennsler brands.

Our product concept which is constantly renewed with our expert staff in the field is being prepared for presantation in an integrated way to the world fashion.

HAYBER TEXTİLE which uses distinguished yarns and fabrics accepted all over the world and exports to various European union countries , primarly Russia, Kazakhistan, Ukraine and Greece and in our distinguished stores.

OUR VISION------------

Convey our experiences to the next genarations in the most accurate way with a pioneering intelligence in that field. To be a source of inspiration in fashion and clothing.

OUR MISSION------------

Turning the energy and value which we receive from these lands into strong employment moves in these lands.